Why is the discount not showing on the check out page?

Question: My customers are complaining that they see the discount on the cart page but when they go to check out, the prices go back to regular prices and no discounts are applied. Why is this happening?

Answer: These two reasons below are the most common causes why the discounts from our app are not applied to the checkout page. 

1. If customers abandon the cart and return to finish the order, they go straight to the checkout page without passing through the cart page, then they will receive a message that the discount from our app is no longer valid. It is because the discounts f are only applied once customers add items on the cart page before going to check out. 

2. When your customers enter another discount code on the checkout page. This is because Shopify has a 1-discount rule on the checkout page. If they use another discount code, the discount from our app will be overridden. 

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