Why is the discount not applying when my customer bought twice the quantity of the upsell item?

Question: I have set a 15% discount for 2 pairs of shoes as the upsell items. When the customer bought 4 pairs, the discount remains at 15% instead of 30% which is what I expected since the quantity of his purchase is doubled. Why is this happening?

Answer:  The app's ability to calculate and give out the discounts is triggered by the item that is first added to the cart which is called the "Trigger product". Once the trigger product is added to the cart, the app shows the upsell items and gives out the 15% discount for them automatically. If the customer increases the quantity of the trigger product, it triggers another discount from the app so an additional discount is applied. However, if the customer adjusts only the quantity of the upsell product without touching the quantity trigger product, no additional discount will be applied.

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