Why does the discount also apply on other products even if I did not include them in the offer?

Question: I have noticed on the checkout page that the discount is also applied to products that are not included in the offer I created. Why is this happening?

Answer: At first glance, this may be confusing but as you take a thorough look, you can see that the discount that you have created for your offer on a specific product is actually distributed on all products inside your cart and does not necessarily mean that all these products are discounted. In the image above, the offer was created for the Example T-shirt to have a discount of 45.00 out of 180.00. However, since there is another product inside the cart, the 45.00 discount was distributed between the two products, 18.00 for the shoes and 27.00 for the shirt. This brings the total to 45.00.

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