Why are the items in my cart get doubled when I only added an upsell product once?

Question: Initially, I added a pair of white shoes into my cart and added the T-shirt that popped up as the upsell offer. After a while, I changed the quantity of the shoes and made them three pairs instead. When I was done shopping, I was expecting to see four items in my cart; the three pairs of white shoes and the T-shirt. However, I was surprised to see six: three pairs of white shoes and three T-shirts as well. Why is this happening?

Answer: This is happening because when you accept the upsell item, it is added each time you add the trigger product into your cart. This is how the app works. You can say that the trigger product and the upsell product come hand in hand. The trigger product goes with the upsell product all the time. In this case, when you changed the quantity of your trigger product to three, it also added the upsell item thrice. 

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