Adjusting a declined offer's hide time

When a customer declines an upsell offer, this offer will not show again for 14 days. This setting is by default. However, you can adjust this setting according to your preference. Let's look at the steps below on how to do this:
Step1. Launch the app and click Settings.

Step2. Scroll down to the Upsell Popup Settings section.

Step3. Adjust the number of days for the upsell to reappear, according to your preference. In this example, let us set it to 10 days.

Step4. Click Save Settings.

But wait.. what if I don't want to hide the declined offer at all?

If you'd like the declined offer to show - please set the days to 0 and then Save. Please note that this setting allows the popup to appear after every refresh though so it may not be a good experience for your customers; therefore, this is not advisable.

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