Installing and uninstalling Discounted Upsells

Installing and uninstalling the Discounted Upsells app is a simple process - Just like how you do with any other app on Shopify!

In this article:

Installing/ Reinstalling the app

Access the app from Shopify through this link: You may need to log in first if you haven't done so.
Click Add app and follow the instructions.

Reinstalling the app

If you have installed the app previously and you're having trouble re-installing it, you will need to reinstall the app through this link: <InsertshopifydomainHERE>

For example:

Uninstalling the app

If you do not want to continue using the app, you need to uninstall it so you will not get charged for the subscription. Uninstalling the app is simple and can be done from the Apps section in your Shopify admin.

Click on Apps from the navigation panel on the left-hand side. 
When the link to the app comes up, click on Delete beside it.
It would also really help us improve the app if you can provide the reason why you decided to uninstall it.
If you'd like to completely remove our code, please locate and remove the following line in your layouts/theme.liquid file.

Unsupported apps

As user-friendly as our app is, there will be some apps that cause our app to either stop working or behave erratically.

Here is a list of the types of apps that would affect the way our app behaves:
  • Any app that takes over the checkout process
  • Any preorder app
  • Any other upsell or discount app
  • Quantity Breaks
  • Langify
Having any of these apps installed will affect the way our app behaves and in most cases, our app will not work. Examples of the apps and pages mentioned above are as follows:
  • Page builder apps
  • Bold apps
  • SpurIT
  • Multi-currency shops
  • Facebook pixel
Please note though that apps created by us are compatible with each other.

Common Question

What permissions do I need to grant the app and why are they necessary?

  • Access to Personal information - This is required to differentiate between unique users on your store so that the app can then generate a discount based on that user’s activity.
  • Access and modify store data - This is necessary to install and run the app and its files in your theme. This is also required to link the app to your products so they can create offers.