Testing an offer

After installing the app, you should make sure that you can create the discount offers you intended to give out to your customers. Once they are successfully created, you need to make sure that they work! And how else will you be able to know but by testing them yourself? Testing an offer is very simple and can determine if the offer you created works as intended! 

To test an offer, follow the simple steps below. In this article, we are going to test an upsell offer of a 50% discount for an item after purchasing two pieces of the same item.

1. Go to the offer that you want to test and click the Actions drop-down menu then choose Test.

2. Click See the upsell in action.

3. From there, you can add the quantities required to test the product based on your settings and view the messages that appear if it's successfully added to the cart or not.

4. Check the amount on your cart to verify if the offer is applied.

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