Styling the Notifications

Your shopping cart has a notification banner that you can enable, disable, or transfer location. This banner is a short message that appears when the customer has availed of the product(s) on your upsell pop-up. Although some may call this banner a small factor on the appearance of your cart page that one can do without and does not affect at all how the app behaves, this may have a big impact on customers who love seeing these aesthetics.

You can style this notification banner based on your preference. Follow the steps below to configure the notification banner:

1. Launch the app and go to Settings.

2. Click  Notification Bar.

3. Slide the button to the ON position to show the notification bar and reveal its settings.

4. Under the Design tab, choose the Background Color, Text Color, and Padding of the bar and the Cart Discount Summary Font Size according to your preference.

5. (Optional) Click the  Cart Page Placement tab.

 6. Click Choose Placement.

7. You will then be redirected to the page where you can pick a spot for the notification to appear and then click Save.

Your Notification Bar is now modified.

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