Using the Advanced Settings

The Advanced Settings section in the app allows you to adjust some settings manually especially when you are in a troubleshooting process for some issues encountered. Some examples of these issues are the following:

  • Using PayPal
  • Yellow background on the cart page

In this article:

Hiding the PayPal button

Although Paypal is a popular form of paying online, a recent change in PayPal's checkout button prevents Shopify apps from applying additional discounts to purchases 😔

However, the discount will still be applied as long as the customer uses the PayPal button on the checkout page, as opposed to the cart page. So as a workaround, we strongly recommend hiding the PayPal button on the cart page. By doing this, the customer can still go through the discounted transaction with PayPal using our app.

It's easy to set the app to hide the PayPal button on the cart page. This feature is enabled by default in the app. Please follow the simple steps below:

IMPORTANT: Before you proceed, please note that hiding the PayPal button will also hide other express checkouts such as Amazon Pay, GPay, Shoppay, and other payment methods.

Launch the app and go to Settings.
Under  Customize Design tab, choose  Advanced.
Slide the button to the  ON position to hide the PayPal button on the cart page.
Click  Save.

Removing yellow background on the cart page

You may experience seeing a yellow background that appears in the total section on your cart page. Although this issue can possibly occur, this has no effect on the performance of your app and your online store in general.  This is just a minor glitch and can easily be resolved if you find it distracting. To remove the yellow background on the total section on your cart, follow these steps:

Click the  Advanced tab.
In the Custom CSS box, add this line:
" .wh-cart-total, .wh-discount-info, .wh-extra-note {background-color: transparent;} .additional-notes{background-color:transparent;}"
Click Save.