Line by line discounts vs Single discount code

Line by line discounts and Single discount codes refer to the way discounts are computed and displayed on the checkout page. These are your options when you set your discounted pricing method on the Settings page. 

  • Line by line discounts - the discount will be computed and displayed per product, depending on how many products you have purchased. 

Note: If you choose this option, the discount code field on the CHECKOUT page will not be visible.

  • Single discount code - the discount will be computed as a whole and displayed in a single line, regardless of how many types of products you have purchased. 

These options can be accessed from the Settings page and can be swapped or changed anytime depending on your preference.

Common Questions

Can I edit, hide, or delete the discount codes that are generated by the app?
No. These must be unique discount codes prefixed with BA_ so they are easily identifiable. Also, it is not possible to delete or hide the generated code on the checkout page because this is necessary for the calculation of the total orders.

Why can't I see the volume discount table on some product pages?
A volume discount table is generated if a product has multiple offers based on its quantity which is called the Volume Discount. Unfortunately, Discounted Upsell does not have this type of offer on its list of options. You can install our Discounted Pricing app instead to be able to have this feature. However, If you have both of these apps installed, you can only choose one offer at a time so that each app would work for each product as expected.

Can I make the discount appear on the total amount of purchase?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. The app computes the discount on the upsell items only so that would mean the discounts are shown per upsell product and cannot be applied to the total amount of purchase.