Styling the upsell offer

There are minimal design settings within the app that you can modify to suit your preferences. These settings will reflect on the display of the upsell offers that pop up on the cart page of your online store.

To modify the style and display settings of the upsell pop-up, follow the steps below:

1. Launch the app and go to Settings.

2. Under Customize Design tab, choose Upsell Popup.

3. Set the colors for the following:

  • Add to Cart button 
  • Add to Cart button text 
  • No Thanks text 
  • Product Title text 
  • Regular Price text 
  • Sale Price text

4. Choose the font from the drop-down arrow for the Upsell Popup Font and the Add to Cart Button Font.

5. Click Save.

Your upsell popup offer will now look like this:

For users with knowledge of CSS, there is a full custom CSS section in Settings > Customize Design > Advanced

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