About Discounted Upsells

Our Discounted Upsells app is specially designed to offer discounts to customers through upselling more products. We've designed the app with everyday people in mind, making it very user-friendly and super simple to set up!

Here are some examples of what you can do with our Discounted Upsells app:

  • Buy one, get one free (BOGO)
  • Buy two, get 50% off of another one
  • Buy four pairs of sneakers, get a pair of socks for free

You can also check out a demo store with Discounted Upsells installed!

The app is compatible and customized for easier use on all desktops, mobile, and tablet devices; helping you reach even more customers.

Common Questions

How much does the app cost?
Pricing is based on your Shopify plan. Our Discounted Upsells app comes with a free trial of 7 days! After which the prices are as shown:

  • Trial: FREE
  • Basic Shopify: $19.99/mo
  • Shopify / Professional: $29.99/mo
  • Advanced Shopify / Unlimited: $44.99/mo
  • Shopify Enterprise / Plus: $89.99/mo 

Note: The last tier is not shown on Shopify's landing page for our app as Shopify has set a limit on the prices we can display.

You will be charged accordingly once your trial ends. If the charge date is appearing on the same date as the day you installed, this would indicate that you have previously taken advantage of our trial period before. As you are only allowed 1 trial period, the charge will apply straight away.

Can I install the app on a test store?
No. The app will not work on a dev/test store since you have to accept the pending charge for the app to work. Instead, you can install it once your store gets launched and use the app for the entire trial period. That way, you can assess and then decide later on if you want to keep the app or uninstall it if it does not meet your expectations.

Is manual installation of the app possible?
No. The app should be installed via Shopify since everything else will be set up automatically after the installation.

If I pause the app for a period of time, will it also stop the billing?
Unfortunately, due to some limitations in Shopify, there is no way for us to stop the billing for a paused account. The billing will continue as long as the app is installed.

If I delete the app temporarily, will it save my settings and upsell data so I can retrieve them when I re-install?
Yes, the settings and upsell data that you have created will be saved so when you reinstall the app, you can easily retrieve them and resume using the app without the need to redo all the configurations.

Will my reviews remain even if I uninstall the app?
Uninstallation and reinstallation of the app actually do not have any bearing on your store's reviews since the app does not influence any reviews or feedback for your store. You can uninstall anytime then reinstall at a better time and you can be sure your reviews are still there.

Can I use the app with a static storefront or headless CMS via a public API?
No, the app works only with the normal Shopify admin and storefront. The app does not have a public API, nor is the app's data available through Shopify's Storefront API.

What is the difference between upselling and cross-selling?
When you upsell, you are pitching and selling products that are of higher value or an upgrade of the product being discussed while when you cross-sell, you are trying to sell similar products to the one in question, or products that are related to it. Discounted Upsell works for both.

Can I do cross-selling with the app instead of upselling?
Yes. Once you set an offer, it will come up as soon as the trigger product is added to the cart. It does not matter whether you are upselling or cross-selling, the app will automatically detect it - whatever type of offer that is - and display the offer.

Why do other discounts disappear when I use the app?
If you notice that other discounts you have created on your online store are no longer visible after you have set up the Discounted Upsells, this is because Shopify has a "1-discount rule" upon checkout. It is actually a matter similar to a "first come, first serve" basis. If there's already a discount code set for the product, then it will override the discount from our app and vice versa. 

Will there be a problem if codes for other apps are being worked on while Discounted Upsell is paused?
No. As long as the app is paused, there will be no app activity so there will be no problem with the app interfering with another.

Can I set the app to display the offer based on geographical locations?
No. All offers made are hosted in the location of the online store where you have created the offer. If you have multiple stores in different locations all over the world and you want to manage the offers on a per-location basis, you need to install the app in each store and manually create the offers from there.

Can I integrate the name of another shop into the upsell pop-ups?
No. When you install the app, all the offers you create within it only apply to the specific shop where the app is installed. If you want to create the same or similar offers to another shop, you need to install the app to that shop so it can handle its own offers and promotions.

Can I use AfterPay as a payment option?
For payment options, there should be no issues with our app on this because this will be on the Shopify end and has no bearing on the app itself.