Creating an Offer

Once you have the Discounted Upsells app installed, you will be taken to a screen similar to this: 

Click on any of the two "create an offer" buttons and you will brought to this page:

The bundle

  1. Buy any X of the following. In this section, you can choose what the trigger product is. Please note that they cannot mix and match here. They can only by X amount of one of the items in the trigger product. So say you put Buy and 2 of the following, they will need to buy two of the same product.
  2. Get any X of the following. This is the section to choose your upsell product. Same rules apply to 1 though, They can only choose 1 items for the upsell out of however many you put into the upsell product. If you change the number to say get any 3 of the following, the customer can only choose 3 of the same item, nad not mix andd match.
  3. For. They would have three options:
    1. % off would take a percentage off of the upsell item they choose.
    2. $ off would take an amount off the upsell item.
    3. Set price would set the price of the product.

  1. Upsell message - the message displays in the pop up box above the upsell offers
  2. Success Message - Once a customer has added the upsell product, this will appear on the cart page
  3. Internal Name - Just a place where you can keep track of the offers you have created

After you have finished, please click on the "Save offer" button on the top right hand side of the screen!

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