Creating an Offer

Once you have the Discounted Upsells app installed, creating an offer will be so easy. Follow the steps below to learn how:

Step1. Launch the app and click Create an Offer.  

Note: You can also click on the Create Offer button at the upper right portion of the page.

Step2. Configure the settings on the following sections to set the offer:

1. Select the products to upsell - In this section, you can choose the product(s) to upsell that will appear in the pop-up box . You can upsell more than one product, however, the customer can only choose one of them to purchase. They cannot also mix and match in case you had put 2 or more products to upsell and the quantity is set to 2 or or more. For example, you had set 2 for the quantity then Awesome Sneakers and Cool Kicks for the products. In order to avail of the discount offer, the customer needs to purchase 2 of the Awesome Sneakers or 2 of the Cool Kicks. He cannot purchase 1 of the Awesome Sneakers and 1 of the Cool Kicks.

2. Set the discount value - This section lets you choose the discount value of the product that you want to upsell. You can choose a discount percentage, a certain discount amount, or a fixed discounted price for the product.

3. Select trigger products - In this section, you can choose which product(s) will trigger the pop-up box that upsells the product(s) you have entered in #1. The same rule about mix and match in #1 applies to this section. 

Step 3. The Upsell Popup Review section will then give you a preview of the pop-up box that will appear for the product upsell. Once satisfied, click Save Offer to complete creating the offer.

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