Creating/Editing an Offer

Once you have the Discounted Upsells app installed, creating or editing an offer is just a few simple steps away.

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Creating an Offer

Launch the app and click Create an Offer.  
Configure the settings on the following sections:

1. Select the products to upsell - In this section, you can choose the product(s) to upsell. You can upsell more than one product but the customer can only choose one of them to purchase at a time. If there are two or more products, the customer cannot also mix and match when they avail of the upsell. Then, click Continue to Step

2. Set the discount value - This section lets you choose the discount value of the product that you want to upsell. You can choose a discount percentage, a certain discount amount, or a fixed discounted price for the product, then click Next.

3. Select trigger products - In this section, you can choose which product(s) will trigger the pop-up box that upsells the product(s) you have entered in #1. The same rule about mix and match in #1 applies to this section. 

The Upsell Popup Review section will then give you a preview of the pop-up box that will appear for the product upsell. 
Once satisfied, click Save to complete creating the offer.

Editing an Offer

Launch the app and go to Offers.
Click on the Actions drop-down menu next to the offer you want to edit.
Click Edit.
Edit any of the settings on the offer based on your preference.
Click Save at the top-right portion of the page.

Common Questions

How do I upload the products that I want to upsell?
When using the Discounted Upsell app, you do not have to manually upload the products that you want to upsell. It will be automatically included when you create offers for your online store since specifying the products is part of the process.

How many products can I upsell using the app?
You can set it in the app's settings page from a minimum of 1 product up to a maximum of 30. You can upsell products in bulk quantities or upsell multiple products. However, you cannot mix and match the various products in one offer. For example, you will offer a 40% discount if the customer purchases six pairs of Hip Shoes or 6 pairs of Nice shoes. But you cannot set the discount to apply to a purchase of three pairs of Awesome sneakers and three pairs of Nice shoes.

Can I set multiple offers for one product?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to set multiple upsell offers for one product. In a specific offer, there is no way you can add another tier to create an additional offer within it for the same product. You can create another offer for the same product though, however, it will not be within the same existing offer but a totally new one. This might not yield the exact results that you are expecting since the offers in the dashboard come in a specific order and the first one will have the top priority. This means that even if there are 2 different offers created for the same product, the first offer will be prioritized to upsell and both offers will not appear at the same time in the upsell pop-up.

Can I set the app to offer the discount only for prepaid orders?
The app applies the discount automatically when trigger products are added into the cart so it already shows even before the customer proceeds to checkout. The mode of payment the customer will use when checking out will not change or affect the discount offers in any way.

Can I create an upsell offer with products that I did not register?
Products that are not listed in Shopify admin cannot be included when you create upsell offers. These products will not appear among the options when you create your offers so there is no way you can include them. You must add them as Products in the Shopify admin in order to add them to the offers.

Can I remove the limit to the maximum number of offers?
In the real environment, you can actually create more than 25 offers with the app. The maximum number stated which is 25 is just the ideal and recommended number of offers since creating too many offers may affect the backend and the app may perform slower than expected. But if you must and prefer to add more offers, you can do so as long as your expectations are already set.

Can I give out the discount per transaction instead of per product?
When you create an offer, one of the needed steps is to specify the product(s) that you want to associate the offer with, and this is a part of the offer creation that cannot be skipped or excluded in the process so it cannot be set as a per-transaction offer.

Why do the product's variants appear as different products in the upsell pop-up?
A possible reason for this is that you may have listed the six variants of one product separately instead of just a single product with six different colors as variants. Because of this, the app detects the variants as six different products instead of just one. To resolve this, you can just update your product listing and make sure the colors are listed as variants of the single product.

Can I set the app to show the upsell offer only on checkout?
No. The upsell pop-ups are designed to show on the cart page as soon as the trigger product(s) is added to the cart.

Why are the items in my cart get doubled when I only added an upsell product once?
This is happening because when you accept the upsell item, it is added each time you add the trigger product into your cart. This is how the app works. You can say that the trigger product and the upsell product come hand in hand. The trigger product goes with the upsell product all the time. In this case, when you changed the quantity of your trigger product to three, it also added the upsell item thrice.