Pricing not reflecting correctly in checkout or cart

If you notice that the discounted price is not reflecting after you add items in the cart or during checkout, this can be due to any of the following issues:

Unsupported apps

Other Upsells apps can stop our Discounted Upsells app to behave correctly, so we suggest not having other upsell apps installed in tangent with our app. If you still decide to have other upsell apps installed, then we can offer minimal troubleshooting to resolve any issues that may come up. The types of unsupported apps can be found here.

Currency Converters

When you use a currency converter that is unsupported, the prices of the discount can either not apply or show up incorrectly. You can read more about using currency converters here.

Theme related

About 90% of themes can be used straight away, but there's the 10% that requires a further look. If you have checked the above two fixes and you're still experiencing the problem, then it will most likely be theme-related.

Common Questions

Why is the discount not showing on the checkout page?

  • If customers abandon the cart and return to finish the order but go straight to the checkout page -  when customers do this without passing through the cart page, they will receive a message that the discount from our app is no longer valid. It is because the discounts are only applied once customers add items on the cart page before going to check out. 
  • If customers enter another discount code on the checkout page -  this is because Shopify has a 1-discount rule on the checkout page. If they use another discount code, the discount from our app will be overridden. 

Will the discount apply if the customer adds it through the product page and not the pop-up?
Definitely! Even if the customer adds the product via the product page, the app will be able to detect it and the discount that has been set for the product will apply just the same.

Why is the discount not applying to all the items I put in the cart?
This happens because, by default, the app only detects an upsell item only once and gives the discount once as well.

Why is the discount not applying to the 3rd product?
Discounted Upsells is a Buy One Get One (BOGO) type of app. The reason why only the second and fourth product gets the discount is that the first and third product is the trigger item. So 1 trigger item, 1 discounted item. If you'd rather use an app that can create a discount on all products, check out Discounted Pricing.

Why is the discount not applying when my customer bought twice the quantity of the upsell item?
The app's ability to calculate and give out the discounts is triggered by the item that is first added to the cart which is called the "Trigger product". Once the trigger product is added to the cart, the app shows the upsell items and gives out the 15% discount for them automatically. If the customer increases the quantity of the trigger product, it triggers another discount from the app so an additional discount is applied. However, if the customer adjusts only the quantity of the upsell product without touching the quantity trigger product, no additional discount will be applied.

Why does the discount apply even if the customer did not click on the upsell pop-ups?
Discounted Upsells works by applying the discount as soon as it detects the trigger product when it is added to the cart. It does not necessarily require the customer to click on the upsell pop-ups in order to avail of the discount offerings but is based instead on the trigger products. This means that even if the customer added the trigger product from its product page and not from the pop-ups, the discount will be applied immediately.

Why does the discount also apply to other products even if I did not include them in the offer?

At first glance, this may be confusing but as you take a thorough look, you can see that the discount that you have created for your offer on a specific product is actually distributed on all products inside your cart and does not necessarily mean that all these products are discounted. As an example, an offer was created for the Example T-shirt to have a discount of 45.00 out of 180.00. However, since there is another product inside the cart, the 45.00 discount was distributed between the two products, 18.00 for the shoes and 27.00 for the shirt. This brings the total to 45.00.