About trigger products

Common Questions

Is it possible to make the upsell offer pop up each time the trigger product is added into the cart regardless of the quantity?
No. Each time you create an offer, the quantity of the product has to be specified in order for the upsell offer to be successfully saved and work as expected.

Is it possible to make the upsell product unavailable in case the customer removes the original trigger product from his cart?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. If both the trigger product and upsell product are in the cart and then the trigger product is removed, the upsell product would still remain in the cart but the discount will not be reflected.

Why is there a product missing from the upsell popup?
If you have products included in your offer that are currently out of stock, these products will not show in the upsell popup. Only in-stock items will be included as these items can be added to the cart, whereas out-of-stock items cannot. To ensure maximum value and upsell potential, we strongly recommend removing out-of-stock items from the upsell offer. This will also prevent confusion and an unnecessary selection of products.

When do the upsell products trigger?
The upsells will be triggered as soon as the customer adds the triggering product to his cart by clicking on the ADD TO CART button. Even if he had already clicked on the triggering product, the upsells will not pop up if he does not add the product to his cart.

Is it possible to trigger the upsell with a specific amount of purchase?
Unfortunately, the app is designed to show the upsell offers based on trigger products. This means that the offers pop up when the specified products are purchased by the customer regardless of the amount.

Can I show the upsell offer on the product page so a trigger product is not necessary?
No, this is not possible. The upsell pop-ups are designed to appear on the cart page after the trigger product is selected.

Is it possible to hide them and just show them at times I specify?
This is not possible as well. When you create the offer, it will automatically show on the product page and the only way to hide it is to disable or delete the offer.

Can I choose a specific variant of a product to upsell?
When you create an offer for your upsells, you need to enter the product itself, not any of its individual variants. All variants of the product(s) you have entered (sizes, colors, etc) are included automatically in the pop-up's upsell offer. When the customer adds the upsell product to his cart, all the variants available for the product he has chosen will appear and he can then choose from there.