Setting names and changing the order of your offers

When creating offers with our Discounted Upsells app, it is possible that you can get a bit confused about which is which especially if there are already a lot of them created. 
To avoid this hassle, we strongly recommend setting an internal name for each offer to recognize each of them quickly. To be clear, your customers will not see the names you set on each offer - but by doing this, you can identify each offer you created by just looking at your offers dashboard. Also, you can change the order of offers depending on how you want them to appear on your dashboard.

In this article:

Setting names to identify your offers

Launch the app and go to Offers
Click the  Actions drop-down menu on the offer you would like to name and choose  Edit.
Scroll down to the  Optional Settings section.
In the  Internal name field, enter the name that you want to use for this offer. In this example, we use  December Promo.
Click  Save.
When you view the offer from the dashboard, its name will now appear below it so you can easily recognize it.
Repeat all the steps for each offer that you want to name.

Changing the order of offers

You can change the order of offers on your dashboard by dragging on the hamburger icon to the left of the offer to the appropriate place as shown here:

Note: The order of the offers is very important if you have set the offer for the entire store as they are ordered in priority. The broader offers (such as entire collections or the entire store) would need to be at the bottom whereas the more specific offers (such as individual products) would need to be on the top. If the orders are mixed, then the more specific offers will not appear.