Customizing Discount Code language

On the cart page, there are different sections that are related to discount codes. These sections are Discount code terms or phrases that are visible on several parts of your online store's cart page. These are the texts on the Discount code placeholder, the texts on the Apply button, or the messages that pop up relating to Discount codes.

If you wish to, you can customize these terms or phrases according to your preference. Follow the steps below:

1. Launch the app and click Settings.

2. Choose Language.

3. Click Discount Codes.

4. Change the text for the Discount Code Placeholder according to your preference. This is the field where the customer enters the discount code to avail of more discounts on top of the discounts from the app. In this example, let's change it to "Enter Code here". 

5. Change the text on the Discount Code Apply Button. In this example, let's change it to "Go!"

6. Click Save.

You now have customized Discount Code language.

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