Creating a no-discount upsell

When you create upsell offers on your online store, usually you add discounts to it to make the offer more attractive.

However, if you want to upsell products without adding discounts to it, you can also do so by creating an offer that specifically indicates no discounts. It is just basically upselling and letting customers know that there are other products they might be interested in or giving out suggestions to purchase similar products that customers may like. If there is also an existing offer that you just want to edit and remove the discount, you can do so without a problem. Follow the steps below to learn how:

Step1.  Launch the app and choose the offer that you want to edit.

Step2. Click Actions and choose Edit.

Step3. Scroll down to the Set the discount value section.

Step4. Set the discount value to No discount.

Step5. In the Optional Settings section, enter an appropriate message in the Upsell message field then click Save.

Step6. When you go back to the dashboard, choose Test under the Actions menu.

Step7. Click See the upsell in action.

You will now see that the upsell offer just shows the products and no discount is indicated.

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