Example: Buy a pair of Working Gloves and you might like the Example T-shirt too!

You can trigger a simple upsell offer without putting a discount. To do this, follow the steps below:

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Buy a product and check out the other

Launch the app and go to Offers.
Click Create an Offer.
Set the quantity and the product that you want to upsell. In this example, we want to upsell the Example T-shirt.
Click Continue To Step 2.
Set the discount value to  No Discount.
Go to Step 3.
Enter or choose the product which will trigger the upsell offer to appear. In this example, we enter Working Gloves.
Now since this upsell offer does not have a discount and is just simply suggesting a product, you need to modify the message in the upsell offer box. 
Scroll down to the Optional Settings section and change the Upsell message. In this example, we are using  You might like this too!
Click Save.

Other Examples of Upsell Offers

No-discount upsell

Buy two pieces of T-shirts, get 50 euros off a pair of Nice Shoes!

Buy four pairs of Awesome sneakers, get one pair of Hip shoes for 20 euros!

Buy a pair of Black Gnarly shoes, get a red pair with 10% off!

Buy one get one free!

Buy 5 pairs of Old School Kicks and get a pair of Cool Kicks free!

Buy 2, get the 3rd one at 50%

Buy two, get one free!