Generating an auto-upsell

Choosing items for an upsell offer can be challenging at times. It can bring up several questions such as:

  • Which combination of products would generate the most sales?
  • What offers do my customers want to see? 🤔

What if there was a way for us to find your perfect upsells in one click?

Using the latest technologies in machine learning and AI - we can analyze your highest performing upsell items... all at the click of one button! 😲

Auto-upsells are based on your order history so the app detects previous orders and generates upsells when similar products are added to the cart again.

In this article:

Generating an auto-upsell

To generate an auto-upsell, follow the steps below:

Launch the app and click  Create an Offer.
Click the  Generate an auto upsell link.
The app will then suggest an upsell pop-up of products that have been purchased previously based on the order history. 
Click  Add Upsell Items to add the products to the upsell pop-up or click  Next  Items to see the next upsell pop-up suggestion until you have chosen your desired products.
Set the discount value by clicking on the drop-down menu. In this example, we choose  Set price. This specifies a fixed price for the product. 
The  trigger product section is automatically populated with the partner product that appeared in the upsell popup. 
You will then have a preview of the upsell popup based on the settings that you have just added. 
Click  Save.

Examples of Upsell Offers

No-discount upsell

Buy one, get one free!

Buy two pieces of T-shirts, get 50 euros off a pair of Nice Shoes!

Buy four pairs of Awesome sneakers, get one pair of Hip shoes for 20 euros!

Buy a pair of Black Gnarly shoes, get a red pair with 10% off!

Buy a piece of Cool T-shirt and you might like the Example T-shirt too!

Buy 5 pairs of Old School Kicks and get a pair of Cool Kicks free!

Buy 2, get the 3rd one at 50%

Buy two, get one free!